Brett Tully

Brett Tully completed a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Psychology and has spent over 25 years as a highly successful consultant/agent/ producer in the Entertainment and Sales industry, spanning Recruitment, Advertising, Radio, TV and the Music industry.

Brett demonstrates excellent negotiation and communication skills, and is dedicated to providing profound customer satisfaction, resulting in achieving above market prices for most of his sales.

Brett is highly motivated, committed and strives to continuously exceed expectations. As a local Razorback resident for over 5 years, Brett’s passion for the Real Estate industry and his evident work ethic has earned him a tremendous reputation in the local area and his glowing testimonials are proof of this.

Danielle Tully

Danielle Tully has spent the majority of her career in the dental industry spanning from general dental work to specialised cosmetic dentistry. Danielle has recently joined as a Sales Assistant to Brett Tully and has successfully assisted him to become the company’s top performing sales person in just his second year. Having completed her Certificate of Registration in Real Estate; Danielle is enthusiastic, has an excellent and tireless work ethic, is continually striving to exceed expectations, and she also maintains a high focus on customer satisfaction. Danielle is a welcome attribute to the team and is continuing to help Brett Tully achieve outstanding results for his clients.