To Whom It May Concern,

I just wanted to say Thank you to Brett Tully for selling our house. Brett was very friendly from the moment we met which made us feel relaxed and comfortable to ask questions. He was great with the kids and even got them involved in the house hunting.

Brett was careful to ask many questions about our home, have lots of quality photos taken and write up a great spiel for the internet. Once online our house sold within 2 days.

With the sale of our house happening so quick, it was an extremely stressful and nerve racking time. Much to Brett’s credit he remained courteous and professional throughout the process, keeping us well informed of what was going on.

While we don’t intend using Brett’s services in the near future, we can highly recommend him to anyone buying or selling a house, particularly those needing to take their kids along.

So thanks again Brett for making our experience so easy.

Kelly and Corey Harris